Model Statutes

Here is model statute language used from efforts to pass Rank Choice Voting in cities and counties across California. It may be used for your city, county, or other jurisdiction. In general, there are two paths to put Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot and ultimately passing it:

1) Get your local elected officials to place the proposal on the ballot.

2) Collect signatures on an initiative petition. If you pursue a petition, check your local election departments' materials on ballot initiatives to be sure you are in compliance

Note, as of Spring 2018, only charter cities and counties are able to implement Ranked Choice Voting. A list of charter cities and counties can be found here.

Ranked choice voting can be used for single-winner (think executive branch, like mayoral or gubernatorial) or multi-winner (think legislative branch, like state legislature or city council) elections. This page has links to a generic state constitutional or city/county charter amendments to implement ranked choice voting elections for both single-winner and multi-winner RCV elections.


Charter Amendment -

Single Winner Ordinance -

Multi-Winner Ordinance -