Highlights from Cambridge Ranked Choice Voting Elections

Posted by Manu Koenig on November 21, 2017

On November 7th, 2017 Cambridge, MA saw the election of three new candidates to its open city council seats: Sumbul Siddiqui, is the first elected Muslim woman to the City Council; Quinton Zondervon, an environmental activist who immigrated from Suriname; and Alanna Mallon, founder of a Cambridge organization for food insecure students. Cambridge’s City Council is now made up of four women and five men.

The City also saw a 16% increase in voter turnout from its 2015 municipal election and the highest municipal turnout since 1991. In total, 21,412 ballots were cast for the city council election.

Cambridge has used Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in its municipal elections since 1939. For more information read the national blog and check out this video:


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