Better elections are possible

Since launching in August 2016, FairVote California has worked to advance ranked choice voting (RCV) and other electoral reform issues across the state while supporting FairVote in its national work. This includes:

  • Making electoral reforms work: Being a resource for effective implementation of RCV in current cities such as Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and San Leandro.

  • Technical assistance: Build relationships with election officials and election administrators on best practices for expanding use of RCV.

  • Building coalitions: Continuing to build relationships with California’s electoral reform advocates, civil rights groups, and allies seeking to enhance voting rights.

  • Expanding public awareness:Connecting with community leaders, election officials, journalists, and scholars around the state to better understand current challenges and opportunities to make California’s voting laws fairer and more representative

  • Successful advocacy campaigns: Support community groups and volunteers in ballot measure and legislative campaigns to expand use of RCV at the local level.