#GivingTuesday with FairVote California

Posted by Jennifer Pae on November 29, 2016

Today is #GivingTuesday, a day to celebrate and kick off the charitable season when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. We hope that you will consider a donation to FairVote California.

We want to thank you again for joining us as we launched FairVote California! Your generosity over the past few months has allowed us to elevate the conversation around democracy reform at a very crucial time in our history. Since the election, it is clear that America’s democracy is in serious need of an upgrade. We plan to build on our recent successes, including a victory in Maine and supporting ranked choice voting in Bay Area elections, to advance our election system.

3 Ways Your Donation Helps Improve Democracy

  1. Support grassroots efforts in California cities to advance ranked choice voting. This month we saw ballot measures win in Maine and Benton County, OR. We are ready to build on that momentum in California with 121 charter cities! A comprehensive ranked choice voting toolkit is available for advocates and we’re already in touch with many volunteers across the state that are interested in getting involved.
  2. Provide educational resources to voters on ranked choice voting. We provided over 2,000 ranked choice voting handouts to Bay Area voters leading up to the 2016 elections. We will continue this work across the state to educate Californians about how we can improve our election system.
  3. Educate policymakers and stakeholders to change the conversation about what’s possible in our elections. In just a couple of months, FVCA met with over 50 community organizations and candidate campaigns to provide ranked choice voting education and resources in the Bay Area. We will continue to be a resource locally and look forward to expanding the conversation to advance rank choice voting and other democracy issues statewide.

Thank you for considering a donation to FairVote California on #GivingTuesday and for your continued support as we work to improve our democracy.


Jennifer S. Pae

Director, FairVote California

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