Tips for Voters

How to complete a ranked ballot. Guides available in English, Español, and 中文.

Tips for Candidates

Tips for campaigns running in a ranked choice voting election. Download here.


Website for FairVote's national organization.

Representation 2020

FairVote's program to turn public passion for gender parity into action and results.

Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center

A compilation of best practices and first-hand experiences from jurisdictions that have used Rank Choice Voting.

What’s on your ballot?

Find in-depth information about what's on your personal ballot using your zip code and your address.

RCV Activist Toolkit

A guide to give passionate supporters the necessary tools to become leaders, activists and organizers to adopt and implement ranked choice voting in their communities.

Community Assessment

A guide to better understand the local climate that you will need to navigate to enact ranked choice voting.

Policy Guide

One-page policy briefs for key electoral reform proposals and other resources related to FairVote's Democracy Innovations.

"Impact of Ranked Choice Voting on Representation: How RCV Affects Women and POC Candidates in CA"

Representation2020's study examining the effect of Ranked Choice Voting on women and people of color running for elected office in the California Bay Area.

List of Student Governments that use RCV/STV

Links and information about campuses around the country using Ranked Choice Voting, including 16 California schools.

OpaVote Poll Widget

A poll widget can be embedded on your own website to show how ranked-choice voting works. You can see a demo poll widget here.

FairVote Maine's Frequently Asked Questions

A list of common questions from FairVote Maine's successful campaign to pass Ranked Choice Voting in that state.

Research on Ranked Choice Voting

Descriptions and links to research on the use of Ranked Choice Voting.