Replace California's Top-Two with Ranked Choice Voting



We the voters of California find that our Top-Two system has eliminated choice for those of us that are unable to vote in the Primary election, made it more difficult for 3rd parties to compete, and generally inhibited the progress in our state's politics. 

We refuse to return to the divisive partisan politics of the past.

We ask our state legislators to place an initiative on the ballot that repeals Top-Two and replaces it with a system of Ranked Choice Voting - a voting method that gives us more choice and greater voice in the election of our representatives. 

Learn more:
California's Top-Two Blues, and How to Break Out of Them


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  • Jacki B Moya
  • Jose Luis Martinez
  • Les Ventimiglia
  • It’s time has come. RCV for California!
  • Ranked choice voting should bolster civic engagement and further empower our representatives to improve our society for all — please promote it!
  • Ranked choice voting is the most important electoral reform we have to end partisan gridlock and revitalizing our democracy.